With the new school semester facing us it is time for musicians and composers to start preparing for looking good not just on the stage or at the party but also in the classroom and lecture hall.  That is where a Groupon coupon or promo code can get you a significant savings at PacSun the noted supplier of California-style casual clothes and accessories for our young adults.  Right now a customer can get up to 50% off on various items purchased with a Groupon coupon.

When you are out shopping to shore up your wardrobe for the coming school year, don’t forget the items that you can wear when you will be performing at the next event or party.  And if you are actively engaged in setting up for the performance you will want to look like someone who is not just a stage hand, but who will also be involved in the actual production and performance.  You can find just the items you need when you search the PacSun web page.  Everything one will need can be found there and in styles that will look as good at the show as they do when you are seated in the classroom or lecture hall.  You can also find the perfect sneakers and accessories.

When you’re not busy studying for class you should practice new chords and playing techniques to enhance your musical productivity.  While it may be difficult to study classwork and practice music at the same time, you can get ahead of the game by dedicating time to study just as you do to your music.  This is how you develop the discipline that goes into being a creative musician.  See how your schoolwork can relate to your music interests; for example, try to observe how things like musical note progressions and rhythms have mathematical relationships.  Study of math can be fascinating when you see how math is used in the structure of musical styles and patterns.   Try to apply what you learn in class to the things you do when prepping for a show or concert.  Music is an art whose fascinating nature is that many sciences – like physics and acoustics, mathematics, languages, and history are essential components.  Your musical skill and talents will grow exponentially (forgive the math!) in concert with your knowledge.

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