Setting Up for The School Year


With the new school semester facing us it is time for musicians and composers to start preparing for looking good not just on the stage or at the party but also in the classroom and lecture hall.  That is where a Groupon coupon or promo code can get you a significant savings at PacSun the noted supplier of California-style casual clothes and accessories for our young adults.  Right now a customer can get up to 50% off on various items purchased with a Groupon coupon.

When you are out shopping to shore up your wardrobe for the coming school year, don’t forget the items that you can wear when you will be performing at the next event or party.  And if you are actively engaged in setting up for the performance you will want to look like someone who is not just a stage hand, but who will also be involved in the actual production and performance.  You can find just the items you need when you search the PacSun web page.  Everything one will need can be found there and in styles that will look as good at the show as they do when you are seated in the classroom or lecture hall.  You can also find the perfect sneakers and accessories.

When you’re not busy studying for class you should practice new chords and playing techniques to enhance your musical productivity.  While it may be difficult to study classwork and practice music at the same time, you can get ahead of the game by dedicating time to study just as you do to your music.  This is how you develop the discipline that goes into being a creative musician.  See how your schoolwork can relate to your music interests; for example, try to observe how things like musical note progressions and rhythms have mathematical relationships.  Study of math can be fascinating when you see how math is used in the structure of musical styles and patterns.   Try to apply what you learn in class to the things you do when prepping for a show or concert.  Music is an art whose fascinating nature is that many sciences – like physics and acoustics, mathematics, languages, and history are essential components.  Your musical skill and talents will grow exponentially (forgive the math!) in concert with your knowledge.…

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What Is The Electronic Music Equipment Needed To Start music Production?


Are you here because you have been planning to make digital music or looking for music production equipment? I am going to make an effort to cover the primary questions I can get on a regular basis about electric music equipment for home studios.

Get Ready To Produce music

Usually, people want to know if they need a particular sound credit card or which DAW is the most likely. However, this email had a never-ending set of gear, monitors, notebooks, sound credit cards, VSTs, mixers.

People tend to think that if they possess the perfect studio room set-up, music will pour away and things are certain to get easier.

The List of Essential Music Production Equipment

Here’s our list for every one of the necessary music production equipment necessary for an ideal music production installation.


Here’s your backbone of the whole production installation. Although alternatively self-explanatory, which computer you select is based on a few factors, such as your budget and inclination of Mac pc or PC. If you read our article, there are a few necessities regarding requirements you must retain in thehead while shopping:

Digital Sound Workstation (DAW):

Now that you have your computer, you need a programactually to start making your music. Think about your DAW (software) as the canvas for your colour brush(es).

Studio headphones:

Unless you are planning on using your laptop\computer’s stock speakers (which we do not recommend the best music production equipment if you wish to be on an increased level), grabbing a set of studio quality earphones, is essential. We are not discussing those brand names advertised by runners and ‘rappers’ or anything either — we are speaking studio earphonesspecifically designed for making music, this means models that are created for supplying our ears exact frequencies in our tracks,  and of course with high-quality material for comfort after long use.

Audio software:

What is an audio program? It may be imported to some, but to many, it is the key to open the entranceway of a truly optimal setup. Music interfaces are in essence external sound cards that provide not just a reduction in latency from other various controllers but also other facets depending on themodel you purchase.

MIDI computer keyboard:

By far the most popular MIDI controller available, MIDI keyboards allow you to truly have a “blank computer keyboard” that you can assign noises to via your personal computer. To do so, you will need some VST Plug-ins, which we list next. Think of it as your colouring clean, the computer as your canvas and the next on our list the coloursyou will be using as music production equipment.

VST Plug-ins:

They are the car paint to your canvas. As recently written, Virtual Studio Technology means that — the technology of your studio is digital and it originates from your computer only.

Studio monitor audio system:

They are high-quality speakers made designed for the accuracy of frequencies (as opposed to consumer-brand speaker systems that at times boost the bass\treble to charm to the larger masses).


We all know very well what a Mike is, but what about a professional quality model that will give us superior audio quality? To our avail, as technology keeps growing, there are a few reasonable options out there for home and semi-professional studios as best music production equipment.

Various other controllers:

These are not musts by any means. However, some may relate to your interest if it pertains to a few of your musical goals. You can always come back to these later, but we thoughtout we’d at least include them showing you that there are numerous options when it comes to adding items you might grab\keep in mind for further enhancements when enough time comes.

  • DJ controllers
  • Digital pianos
  • Electronic digital drum sets
  • Drum pad controllers

I want to know if you have any questions! I would be happy to provide more details on music production equipment.


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Basic Guitar Setup and Intonation Tips

Basic Guitar Setup and Intonation Tips

Guitar setup isn’t as difficult as you might think. Setting up and new guitar isn’t too difficult and neither is intonation. These are two very important aspects for the instrument and yet many new players struggle to do this. However, it isn’t as hard as it might sound, and if you know a few basis tips, then you can easily handle this within a few minutes. Read on and find a few tips that may help you during this process. click here for more information.

Buy New Strings

If you’re purchasing a new guitar then it’ll already come with guitar strings. However, if you just want to tune up an older guitar, you must look at buying new strings. This might not sound overly important, but when up upgrade the strings, an old instrument can sound utterly amazing. So, stretch the new strings out and adjust the gauge. This will help you with intonation. Even if you have the best guitar under 1000, it’s still a good idea to do this as it will make things far easier for you.

You Must Have an Electronic Tuner

A lot of people forget that when they have an electric guitar, they need the basic elements to help tune it. Electric guitars absolutely require an electronic tuner and if you don’t have one of these then tuning is a lot more complex! During the guitar setup phase you need to make sure you have a tuner available to you. With the tuner, you will be able to handle intonation far easier and you can do so at the twelfth fret. for further details, visit :

Basic Guitar Setup and Intonation Tips

How to Deal With an Acoustic Guitar

Acoustic guitars are quite different from an electric guitar and that essentially means the setup and tune-up practice is slightly less. So, first things first; you must look at the height of the strings. Sharp notes are easy to stop when the strings are touching the fret board; if your strings do this then it means the note is very sharp. If you want to tune the note you will need to loosen up the strings to alter the sharp note. The best guitar under 1000 needs to be treated in the same order as that of a less costly guitar; you have to be very careful and understand what you’re doing.

Take a Close Look at the Saddle

The guitar also comes with a saddle. Now, don’t be fooled by the name, it’s not like a horse riding saddle; this is found where your fret board and your strings meet. Take a very close look at this now. Does your saddle move or is it slightly loose? If the saddle is loose then your notes are going to change every single time they are played. In order to avoid this, you will need to ensure the saddle is tightened. This is an important part of a guitar setup as it will help to ensure the notes are accurate and in-tune. Be careful, however, not to over tighten the saddle, just make sure it cannot move.

Enjoy Your New Guitar

It doesn’t matter if you’re buying a brand new guitar or just upgrading an older model, it’s important for it to be tuned correctly. Intonation isn’t difficult and you can easily do this within an hour at best, probably a lot less. However, it’s important to carry this out with precision and carefulness. Guitar setup and intonation is easy and hopefully these tips would have helped you.…

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